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{September 18, 2008}   Hello world!

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Welcome to my world.  I’m Kaliani.  In 2005 I took the name “Kaliani” during a ceremony celebrating my 50th birthday, called a croning or wise woman initiation–A new name to welcome in the second half of my life and rededicate that life in service of the Goddess, namely my patron the Hindu Goddess, Kali.   “Kalyani” means “she who causes auspicious things.”  It also refers to wells at some Hindu temples where worshippers cleanse themselves before entering the temples.  The name was symbolic of my break with my previous life.

In 2004 I took a Reiki attunement that changed my life.  I was already on a spiritual path, having become certified to teach Hatha yoga a couple years before that.  With the Reiki attunement, my concepts of God, energy, healing, and my purpose in life all changed.  I immediately felt energy and heat running in my hands.  I could feel vibrations from items I held in my hand.  My experience of life changed into a daily encounter with Spirit and signs.  Serendipity and coincidence visited me regularly, along with little miracles.

I followed up the Reiki Levels 1 & 2 training with learning to become a hospice volunteer, and then a hospice lay chaplain.  Working with people in their transitional time reiterated to me the shortness of my time here in this earthsuit, and how important it is to live every minute with purpose and joy.

A month later, I attended the Awakening Intensive with Jason Brody, a residential three-day intense direct experience of both the illusion that I, family, society, church and culture had created that I knew as my self, and my authentic Self–the essence that lies underneath the layers of plug-ins and add-ons that we subconsciously take on over time.  This intensive helped me find myself again–that part of me that had been missing for many years.

Next, I simultaneously took up Reiki Master/Teacher apprenticeship, and Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training.  Each were highly transformative work and very powerful adjuncts to one another.  I was learning and experiencing life force energy in a new way.  This work dove-tailed into a new appreciation for Divine feminine energy.  A video about the treatment of women healers and psychics over the centuries pulled me to study more uniquely feminine healing modalities.  At the end of Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training, I found myself pursuing Tantra and investigating the polarity between the Divine Masculine and Feminine.

I entered Priestess training as an initiate of the HeartWisdom Temple in San Diego.  Within a year I had completed the preliminary 6 months of Priestess work, along with 6 months of Tantric Priestess training.  This opened huge doorways of understanding, innate intuition and psychic ability, and appreciation of ceremony and ritual.  I investigated shadow work to unlock secrets held by my subconscious mind.  I took hypnotherapy training.  I began to move my body again, tuning into vibrations, music and movement that awakened the feminine energies in my system again.  I grounded myself in the earth.  I worked with shamanistic practitioners to clear karmic debts and retrieve lost pieces of my soul.  I also retrieved memories of past lives and loves.  I took up a style of tribal belly dancing, called temple dancing, to reconnect the earthy, sexy movement with my experience of the energy of the elements of earth, air, fire and water.  l learned to trance dance and journey and meditate.

I even pursued becoming a New Thought practitioner in Religious Science, and learned secrets of manifestation and prayer along the way.  I learned to hold a vision with intent and emotion and bring my thought into manifestation.

About that time I joined a women’s community of great integrity and heart, San Diego Moon Lodge, with a 13th generation Diiyin (HolyOne) of the Apache tradition, Maria Yraceburu, and shortly thereafter started her apprenticeship program called SpiralDancing.  With Maria I have traveled on pilgrimage to Hopi Mesa and Prophecy Rock to listen to fire clan elder, Grandfather Martin, tell the Hopi prophecies; have camped with Navajo elders in Canyon de Chelly, have attended the First International Sundance in Billings Montana, organized by the World Council of Elders, and have spent the last two spring equinoxes on the Big Island of Hawaii doing ceremony with kahuna.  I have completed Maria and Lynda Yraceburu’s BodyWisdom healing apprenticeship training, where I learned ancient Apache healing modalities, along side of Romani gypsy methods of HandWalking, which is essentially reflexology using the hands.

I have studied with several Tantric practitioners in running sexual energy and rediscovering my femininity and capacity to receive.  I am now working with PAX Programs, Alison Armstrong’s teachings, to understand the behavioral differences between men and women, and how much our lives are run by our ancient DNA and instinct, and the implication of that fact on our every day lives in the “war between the sexes.”

I am about to launch a new enterprise, called Ignite Your Shakti.  Shakti is Divine feminine energy.  It is the moving, flowing creative force that is uniquely feminine.  I help women to access their femininity through direct experience, ritual, ceremony, healing and movement.  It is all still there, waiting to be rediscovered, under the surface.  It is part of your DNA, of your matrilineal heritage, your sacred essence.  It has not been lost.  It has merely been covered up by layers and layers of illusion, fear, and anger.

Keep dropping by for more details of my stories and journey.  Together we can heal and become empowered.


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